Blog 5-2023: Worth A Billion Streams

Blog 5-2023: Worth A Billion Streams

Why do I all of this? Why do I try so hard to make time late at night to write and record songs, create social media content, market myself, find and beg for gigs, even though I am dead tired from working my day job and helping my wife raise 3 young kids?

When I started this journey 2 years ago, it was the height of the lockdowns, and everyone was keeping busy with their respective hobbies. I've been writing songs since I was a teenager, but never actually sang or shared my work much. So I started this FB page and shared some of my originals, since the world might end soon anyway. 

I've had some success reaching people over the world through FB, but it's been a struggle trying to spread my music and be heard. It's tiring and frustrating, and sometimes I just want to quit music. But every now and then I would get messages or comments like this that light up my fire and keep me going. I'm just a suburban dad making music from my living room. I may never be a full-time musician, play sold out gigs, and have millions of Spotify streams. But I will be forever grateful that my music has made a positive impact on some people's lives. This (to me) is worth a billions streams, and it's why I will strive to make music until I am physically able. From the heart of my bottom, thank you all for your support.