Blog 4-2023: Reality Check

In my previous blogs I've told you the story about my musical journey so far, and expressed my desire to have a professionally produced album. That is still the end goal. I'm working towards it, but I've realised it may be a lot harder than I expected, and take longer to achieve. Not to mention a lot more expensive than I initially expected. 

Some recent changes to my work and family life mean I will have less time for music this year. Less time for gigging and collaborating to achieve the album that I want. But that doesn't mean I'll stop making music. I'll take my time and be patient. If it takes a couple years, so be it. But I won't sit around and do nothing. I'll still have a bit of time during weeknights to make music from my little home studio, so I'll continue to write more songs and work on my demos while saving up for the album. 

Every now and then I get comments or messages from people telling me they really liked the singles I previously released (specially Honest Man). I deleted them from Spotify a couple months ago, thinking the album would be done a lot sooner. I also wasn't completely happy with the recording quality. I apologise to everyone who lost the songs on their playlists. I managed to get nearly 50K streams on those "demo" singles, so I guess they weren't really as bad as I thought. 

I am in the process of re-recording those singles, and other songs as well. The plan is to release them as part of a self-produced 10 song album within the next few months. Just guitar and vocals, like all of the videos uploaded to this page. Someday I'll get a fully produced / professionally done album, but that will take a lot of time (and money) to achieve. For now, I'll do what I can with the resources I have at my disposal. Music has alway been there for me all my life as something that brings joy, so I will find a way to keep doing it. I'll be gigging less this year, but I'll still do everything I can to make and share music with you all. Thank you for all your support and for following my journey. 

Oh and speaking of gigs, I'm about to do my first headline ticketed gig. It will be on the 19th of Feb, just finalising details. Stay tuned!