Blog3-2023: Do it properly or not at all

Most of you who have followed my journey over the last couple years probably already know that I have been working on an album. I've released 4 singles in the past, which I've deleted from the streaming services recently, with plans to re-release them as part of the album. I've recorded everything on my own so far, here in my makeshift studio / living room. It's been a great journey, and I have learned a lot. 

One of the reasons why I deleted the singles is that I am not happy with my own recordings. They sound ok, but I am not a professional sound engineer, and I only have a basic home recording setup. I was only really playing around and doing things for fun, when I was recording during the lockdowns. But now it has come to a point where some people actually like my music, and look forward to the album. I did not expect this to happen at all, but I am grateful. I feel like I need to do it properly or not at all. Do it professionally in a studio, get other people involved and make it the best album I can make. I think these songs deserve that kind of treatment. 

So that means I am stopping my home recordings and will keep saving up for studio time, and finding other musicians I can work with. I also want to release music as part of a band, and not as a solo artist. I've always been in bands. I never wanted to go solo, this shit just happened. It will be a long process, but I want to do it right. Hopefully I can get it done before the year ends. Apologies to those who had some of my singles saved on Spotify. You can still listen to my demos through the videos section of this FB page. I hope you can stick around and wait for the album. I will give it my all, and make it something I can be really proud of.