Blog1-2023: Audience Insights

When I started this journey a couple years ago, I specifically targeted Filipino audiences because I know we are Facebook addicts. Facebook is pretty much the internet in the Philippines. I only planned on sharing my music online, so I didn't focus on targeting local audiences here in Australia. Since last year, I've started gigging so the focus has been growing a local audience. It's a lot harder to do, but the combination of playing gigs and running local social media campaigns is starting to pay off. I look forward to seeing more people at gigs who have found me through social media, or seen me play at open mics. It's a much slower pace - trying to grow a local audience, but it has been a fun and humbling experience. 

I've never really looked at the other stats for this page aside from the "Top countries" section. I was a bit surprised by the "Age" stats. I think a lot of people my age (39) and older lean more towards folk/acoustic/mellow music. I didn't think anyone under 30 would be listening to me, but I am surprised that 18% of you are between 18 and 24. I expected that number to be much lower. 

Anyway, who knows how accurate these stats really are. There are 39K of you, but every post I make, I only reach a very small percentage. I would love to reach more of you, but these FB algorithms are weird and evil. I am just grateful to have an audience, whether online or in person. So thank you all.