All The Guitars I've Ever Loved

I was really bored last night, so I tried to make a list of every single guitar I've ever owned from when I was a little child.  I thought it would make for a fun memory game which I could turn into a blog post. I don't have a lot of these anymore. Most of them broke, were sold, or borrowed and never returned. I've noticed a couple things: 1. I've only ever owned 3 electric guitars. I'm really more of an acoustic guy. 2. The quality of guitars improved since I moved to Australia.

So here they are, arranged from approximate year they were owned (past to present). ***Asterisks next to guitars, I still have. When I get more time, or when I'm really bored, I'll try to put a description / history per guitar.

Cebu made classical guitar (mid-late 1980s)
Dreadnought street vendor guitar (1994)
Lumanog ovation copy (1997)
Craftsman classical (1999)
***Fernandes Strat copy (2002)
Another lumanog ovation copy (2003)
Sigma acoustic electric (2005)
Ibanez OM acoustic electric (2008)
Ibanez dreadnought acoustic electric (2008) 
Vantage mini classical (2009)
***RJ dreadnought (2010)
Takamine dreadnought (2010)

Yamaha dreadnought (2010)
Martin GPCPA4 (2011)
Baby Taylor Mahogany (2012) 
***Martin 000-15m (2012)
Martin D18 (2013)
***Recording King RD04 (2015) 
Gretsch Jim Dandy (2016)
Unbranded strat copy (2016)
***Cordoba Mini M (2018)
***Eastman PCH1-OM (2019)
***Squier Telecaster (2019)
***Eastman E10P (2020)
***Martin OX1E (2021)